5 crazy action sequences that are actually real

In a world filled with CGI and movie magic, it’s easy to assume that most incredible action sequences are fake. But that’s not always the case.

Some of them are actually performed in real life by amazingly talented stunt people.

And some of these action sequences are quite spectacular.

Here are five of these awesome scenes, selected by YouTube channel Looper.

Death Proof, barely hanging…

Zoe Bell is an accomplished stunt performer. She caught Quentin Tarantino’s attention when she worked as Uma Thurman’s double in Kill Bill, so the director decided to cast her in 2007’s Death Proof.

Bell spent the better part of six weeks amazingly NOT dying while hanging on to the hood of a Dodge Challenger that was speeding around desolate Eastern European roads.

The result is a harrowing sequence in which she clings to the Challenger’s hood as Kurt Russell slams his car into hers again and again.

Point Break, the wind suit…

A remake of Point Break was never really necessary and especially not one that got rid of the original’s surfers! In the new version, some of the world’s top athletes were invited to do their own stunts.

The wing suit scene in particular was shot with four athletes who did 60 jumps, all while going fast than 145 miles/hour (230 km/h) – according to the film’s behind the scenes featurette.

Mad Max: Fury Road, car “poling”…

Almost every action sequence in 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road was created with human stunt performers. These culminated in one insane final battle, featuring weapon firing bad guys riding giant poles mounted on to speeding vehicles.

The stunt coordinator for the movie revealed that a Cirque du Soleil performer trained the stuntmen in Chinese pole work during an 8-week course. The fact that this scene was pulled off by real people who weren’t killed in the process just makes it all the more incredible.

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The Dark Knight Rises, Bane’s escape…

Christopher Nolan’s love of practical effects is no secret. So it’s no surprise the director ramped up the real-life action for 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises.

In the opening scene the villainous Bane blows a plane in half and escapes the wreck by being pulled on to another plane by henchman dangling from ropes.

When discussing the scene, Nolan revealed they actually dropped a real plane out of the sky for the movie. Insane!

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, catching a ride…

It’s well known that Tom Cruise does much of his own stunt work in the Mission Impossible series, but some of his exploits defy belief. 2015’s Rogue Nation is one example of that, where Cruise pulls off at least one irresponsibly crazy manoeuvre – hanging from the side of a massive cargo plane during take off.

While the dangers involved with the stunt are obvious, Cruise could have been killed if so much as a random bird flew into him. And it wasn’t even just one take – Cruise did it eight times. No that’s dedication!

Watch the scenes and learn more in the video below:

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