8 of the funniest movie deaths ever

Ok, so death isn’t exactly funny – but sometimes, in movies, they can get pretty hilarious. These are 8 of the funniest movie deaths ever!

Sure, some movie deaths are tearjerkers, but we’re not here to talk about those.

So here are the scenes that made the list, according to the cinema YouTube channel Looper.

Chubbs in Happy Gilmore

Poor Chubs is one unlucky character. First he got his hand bit off by an alligator. Then, when it finally looked like his life was getting back on track, his bumbling protégé happy Gilmore had to go and try to get revenge. This was clearly an awful idea.

After tracking down the gator, Gilmore chopped off its head to offer Chubs as a gift. The poor guy was so startled by the sight he ended up falling off a window.

Dr. Kananga in Live and Let Die

James Bond films aren’t exactly known as big comedic features, but older 007 movies had a lot of humour in them.

The scene where Dr. Kananga dies in Live and Let Die is such an example. After being fed an inflatable device by Bond, Kananga literally swells up, floating out into the air and eventually blowing up! Talk about suspension of disbelief!

Patches O’Houlihan in Dodgeball

Movies have shown us time and time again that being a mentor is a sure-fire way to end up killed by the end of the flick. Patches O’Houlihan, the greatest dodgeball player of all time, is a perfect example of this.

During a trip to a casino, poor Patches ends up with a big neon sign falling on top of his head. Guess there are only too many things a guy can dodge in his lifetime.

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Marvin in Pulp Fiction

Tarantino movie are filled with dying characters – many in spectacular ways. But none of them went out as unexpectedly as poor, doomed Marvin in Pulp Fiction.

Just remember: never have conversations in a moving car with an unlocked, loaded gun in your hand.

Donald Gennaro in Jurassic Park

One of the most memorable scenes in a movie filled with memorable scenes. Death by T-Rex while sitting on a toilet – guess that’s a pretty original way to go.

Russel Franklin in Deep Blue Sea

Once again the element of surprise makes all the difference. Samuel L. Jackson’s movie have made a lot of money over the years, but rarely did one of his scenes make us laugh as much as this one.

Playing a fearless leader who rallies his team around him with an inspiring speech fits Jackson to a T. But given the end result you’re not likely to find his quotes on a motivational poster any time soon.

The swordsman in Raiders of the Lost Ark

“Never bring a knife to a gun fight.” If only the swordsman facing Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark had heard this saying before, things could have turned out a little better for him.

Thunder in Big Trouble in Little China

When a samurai fails to protect his master there is only one way to retain his honour: ritual suicide. But we’re guessing no samurai has ever done it quite like this…

Check out all of these scenes on the video below:

So what are the funniest move deaths you’ve ever seen?

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