These brothers take mountain biking to the extreme

Extreme mountain biking is the middle name of brothers Sam and Joe Flanagan. The Yorkshire-born pair aren’t interested in well-worn paths or typical trails.

The brothers agree that, when it comes to biking, the harder the challenge the better. They hike and bike down some of the highest, snowiest and coldest mountains in Scotland.

They got the taste for adventure during their childhood, when they used to do a lot of climbing and cave exploring around Yorkshire. Their parents were also very active so they encouraged that habit.

For them, mountain biking was the natural progression.

Despite the dangers involved in the locations they choose to ride in, like the challenging Cairgorms mountain range, they claim that they feel completely free when they ride down those hills.

Joe sums up their way of thinking by saying: “I think I will adventure until I can adventure no more. Until my body allows me to go no further.”

To learn more about these crazy bikers watch the following video:

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